Spanaway EP

by Mud On My Bra

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Myla Mud: Drums
Aria Mud: Guitar/Vox, Bass


released March 23, 2018

Produced by Mud On My Bra
Recorded by Jeff Sheldon, Paul Chandler
Mixed, Mastered by Paul Chandler
The Manger Recording Studio
Tacoma, WA


all rights reserved



Mud On My Bra Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Tarantula Man
*Tarantula Man
It's what I want for Xmas
Tarantula Man
All I really want for Xmas
Tarantula Man
It's everything I need for Xmas
Tarantula Man
That's what I should get for Xmas*

Sneaks up on the bad guys
Sucks out all their blood
Sinks his fangs into them
Fills their veins with love


Sneakin' up on the bad guys
Suckin' out all their blood
When I pose my action figure
It fills my heart with love

Track Name: Bump in the Night
The upstairs room with a balcony
Just between a little ghost and me 
Is a bump in the night conspiracy 
To trick you into domesticity
Hide under covers, turn on your light
Shield your eyes from any paranormal  sight
But listen closely to those whispers in the night
Pursuading you to choose the person who is right

*A spook has spoken
Its spirit moans
Please mow your lawn
Pay off your loans
We'll carve our love
Into their grave stone
If we ever find their

A poltergeist won't raise our rent
They wouldn't manifest such cruel torment
But they are haunting every coin and every cent
'Cause home improvement is their energy well spent
Unpack your luggage and stick around 
No need to jump at every spooky little sound
A supernatural love that we have found
Keeps us together 'till we're buried underground


Track Name: Sticky Note
I left a a note by your coffee cup
The moment my heart woke up
Caffeine must've made me crazy
I must've lost my mind
One thousand words I can write to you
I simplified to the three most true
And with my heartbeat pulsing wildly
I left the note you'll find

...And it said...

I love you in permanent marker
And the ink is bleeding through
I'll be yours sticking 'round for a long time
I'm sure the note will too

Fifty notes by your coffee cup
I suppose I should give up
No point in wasting endless paper
Until the end of time
These little squares, they tell no lies
And so my felt tip nearly cries
Black tears soaking into fibers
Which let my feelings shine though...

I love you in permanent marker
And my ink is bleeding through
I'll be yours sticking 'round for a long time
I'm sure the note will too

Nobody wants them
But I'll keep leaving these little notes
No one will ever read them
But you can feed one to your pet goat oh-oh-oh
Not a soul will ever want me
To help them keep their little boat afloat
And you will never believe it, but
I meant every word I wrote

I meant all three words I wrote
Track Name: Meow-ow-ow
Kitty cat feet on a city street
I'm out lookin' for some chow
There's not much to eat but I'd kill for a treat
And a spot to take a nap somehow
Our bright eyes meet but I'm gonna retreat,
I'm a solitary cat right now
I may look sweet but I'm not in heat
Stop pawing at my cats meow



Hey hey hey!
Track Name: Transsexual Girlfriend
*Transsexual Girlfriend
I love her to no end
Transsexual Girlfriend
She's all I ever want
Transsexual Girlfriend
Her love lets my heart mend
Transsexual Girlfriend
She's all I ever want*

That girl
She's really fun in bed
She glows
Under the light of red
She sleeps
Under a grey bed spread
And dreams
About the road ahead

(We cuddle all weekend)

She's punk
Down to her hot pink thread
Her band
Rehearses in a shed
Her songs
Are stuck inside my head
That she sings
Under the shower head

(Her synth has a pitch bend)

She's all I ever want
Track Name: Hey Myla (MOMB)
Hey Myla
Wanna start a punk band?
Hey Myla
I think you understand
Hey Myla...
We'll be a hit new brand
Hey Myla!
I wanna pink mic stand

Let's go!

Hey Myla
So you think we can?
Hey Myla
I'll be your number one fan
Hey Myla...
We can play in Japan
Hey Myla!
Where'd you park the van?

Let's go!


We're the girls who people stare at
We're the girls they call to like a cat
We're the girls they put down like a doormat
We're the girls in a "social movement"
Everywhere we go is an event
We're the girls who turn some heads in Renton 
And Kent



We're the girls who pee in restrooms
We're the girls in lipstick and perfume
We're the girls whose clothes are not a costume
We're the girls who get the stink eye
We're the girls they all objectify
We're the girls whose pronouns people deny
They roll their eyes


Mud On My Bra

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